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As of this writing, the fundraiser for my feature-length documentary on Rosetta is a resounding success. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we not only made our goal but are currently $490 over the goal! It’s been a really great ride the past 10 days. I am extremely humbled by all of the support and by the fact that there are people who exist that want to see this film. Even though we did reach our goal, we could still use additional funds for resources the creative team needs to do their jobs. If you’ve not seen the campaign page it’s

So, what’s next? Jeremy and I will continue to edit the film in order to get the picture edit to a finished state. While this is happening, Jimmy Versace will be creating motion graphics for certain scenes that require it. Once all of the picture elements are put together the film will then go to Justin Davey who will edit all of the sound elements and create other sounds from scratch. The film will be mixed on a mixing stage in California.  Mike Armine and Matt Weed of Rosetta will continue to record the score once the band returns from China later this month.

As an anecdote, it was exactly a year ago today that I filmed Rosetta in the studio as they recorded “The Anaesthete”. It was one of the most artistically satisfying shoots I’ve ever done. Going into the sessions I had no idea how critical that record would be not only for Rosetta but for my film. I was present for four days of the recording sessions.