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In the past four months I’ve filmed a number of interviews. Some of these include final interviews with Matt Weed, BJ McMurtrie, Dave Grossman, Mike Wohlberg, a Pre-Final interview with Mike Armine and an interview in the Midwest with the legendary Sean Ingram from Coalesce/Blue Collar Distro.

Principal photography has wrapped. There will be an occasional pick-up day but the lion’s share of production/filming has been completed. Jeremy Brunson, a great friend of mine and the editor of the film, visited me in Maryland this past week. I can now happily say that editing has begun and as of right now we are operating under the assumption that this will be a feature length documentary. The film now has a title: Rosetta – Audio/Visual.  In the coming months we will be picture locking the film and then raising money via Indiegogo in order to complete the film. Some of the things we need to raise money for are: post-production sound, colorization, and physical release materials.

A domain for the film’s website has been purchased and will go live within the next couple of months.

The end game is a self-release by Jeremy and I. We want fans and audience members to have access to the film via digital download. We believe that the artist should be in direct communication with fans and audience members. Depending on how much money we are able to raise, there will be a super limited pressing of the movie in physical form.

In short, we still have a long way to go but the film is getting much closer to being fully realized. Please note: some details herein are subject to change.


Several people worked on this film for free and gave us their time as well as expertise. Without their contributions this film’s production would not have been possible. I’d like to thank everyone who dedicated their time, resources, and energy to this film. You have my deepest thanks and gratitude.